Welcome to the Focal Point

The Focal Point is the point at which rays of light come together to form an image; the point at which things become clearer or in focus.  In life it can also be the center of attention or purpose.  Focal Point Mineralogy, LLC was created by Julian Gray, a professional geologist specializing in mineralogy.  Based in of Hillsboro, Oregon, Julian created this site to be a Focal Point through which to share useful resources for mineralogy, photography, micro-analysis of minerals, and tips for mineral collecting, exhibition, and curation.  It also serves to highlight services that Julian provides such as lectures, educational outreach, consultation, and photography.

This home page serves as a blog with interesting articles including (beginning April 3, 2023) #MicroscopyMonday post.  Throughout the site you will find articles and links to resources and beautiful images illustrating the art of science.  Follow Focal Point Mineralogy on Facebook, Twitter (@FPMinerals), and Instagram (FPMinerals).

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