Mineralogy Resources

Mineralogy Links

  • Fluorescent Mineral Society – This organization devoted to the study of luminescent minerals.
  • Friends of Minerals Forum (FMF) – An extensive online forum for news and useful information for mineral enthusiasts.
  • IMA – The International Mineralogical Association.  This is the group that approves new mineral species through their Commission on New Minerals and Mineral Names.
  • Mindat.org – An exhaustive online Wiki for mineral data.  This site contains up to date information and data on all mineral species, synonyms, and locations.  Mindat.org also host discussion forums and mineral-related news like new discoveries or show dates.
  • Mineral Database – Database of 4700+ mineral species; many photos; Dana, Strunz, and chemical classification listings; and pronunciation guides.
  • RRUFF has an extensive database of Raman spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction, and chemistry of minerals.