Photographic Resources


  • B&H Photo – A great online camera store for new camera gear and accessories.
  • Canon USA – The website for information about Canon cameras and lenses.
  • eBay – A useful online store to buy and sell those hard to find cameras, lenses, microscopes and accessories.
  • KEH – A great online store for used cameras and accessories.
  • Martin Microscopes – Martin Microscopes is a second generation new and used microscope dealer.  They sell only the best equipment and have developed adapters to attach any camera to any microscope.
  • Nikon – The website for information about Nikon cameras and lenses.
  • Really Right Stuff – Unique camera accessories to make your work flow easier
  • Sony – Sony makes fine camera, especially their mirrorless camera bodies, which could be very useful for photomicrography and macro work.


  • Extreme Macro is an exhaustive Internet resource for techniques in macrophotography.  While this site is mainly devoted to entomological subjects, the techniques are applicable to geologic subjects as well.  This site is maintained by Johan J. Ingles-Le Nobel.
  • is a forum for techniques in macrophotography.  This site is maintained by Rik Littlefield, developer of the Zyrene Stacker image stacking software.


  • Adobe Lightroom – A great photo editing and cataloging tool for your photography.
  • Adobe Photoshop – The gold standard for photo editing.
  • Helicon Focus – This is a great and widely used program for stacking photograph images.  Helicon has add-ons that work with StackShot focusing rail hardware to automate the stacking photograph process.
  • Photomatix – Not for everyone, high-dynamic range (HDR) photography techniques solves the problems of extreme contrast in photographic scenes.  Mastered, this technique produces amazing results.  Use judiciously, though.
  • Stackshot focusing rail – Made by Cognisys, the Stackshot focus rail is an automated rail for stacking photography.
  • Zyrene Stacker – Another fantastic stacking software package for processing stacked images.