Microscopy Resources

Educational resources for Microscopists

The most useful training in optical techniques are covered in optical mineralogy taught in many university geoscience departments. If this is not an option for you here are a few places that you can get optical mineralogy and advanced training on the use of microscopes:

Equipment and supplies for the microscopists

Buying good microscopes (you’ll need at least two) and the accessories and equipment to outfit your lab takes time and a lot of patience.  Here are good microscope dealers and accessory dealers:

  • eBay – eBay is a great place to find new and used microscopes as well as rare accessories for the scopes.
  • Martin Microscopes – Martin Microscopes is a second generation new and used microscope dealer.  They sell great microscopes and accessories.  They have partnered with machinists to build camera adapters and other accessories for the microscopists.
  • Ward’s Natural Science – Ward’s is a good supplier for consumables like microscope slides and coverslips and other accessories.