Mineral Collection Consultations

Whether purchased, acquired in exchange or as a gift, or personally collected, the rocks and minerals in your collection are your property.  With that ownership comes responsibility; you are the caretaker of these as long as they are in your possession.

After almost five decades of mineral collecting, training and education as a professional geologist, and 14+ years as a professional museum curator, I am familiar with all aspects of curating both amateur and professional earth science collection including minerals, rocks, and meteorites.  I can guide you through appropriate documentation you should maintain for your collection including developing a catalog to suit your unique collection goals.  While I no longer provide appraisals, if you need a written appraisals of your minerals and mineral collections, I can connect you with qualified appraisers.  Likewise, when it is time to part with your collection, I can help you develop a disposal plan to protect your legacy.