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Minerals of Georgia: The Definitive Guide to Georgia Mineralogy

Cover of the Minerals of Georgia by Bob Cook and Julian Gray edited by Jose SantamariaMinerals of Georgia presents an illustrated, alphabetized record of every mineral (or mineral group) identified in the state. Under each entry is a county-by-county listing of every occurrence known, including both widespread species and obscure ones. In addition to economically important mineral deposits, this volume covers various mineral localities within the state that are well known among professional mineralogists, mineral collectors, and rockhounds as the source of outstanding study, display, and lapidary material.

Illustrated with over 150 color photographs, this guide provides the most current listings and descriptions of mineral occurrences and mining activities documented in Georgia over the past 150 years.

Minerals of Georgia will be invaluable to the mineralogist, collector, and researcher with its definitive and updated listings of the distribution and specific localities of a mineral, the mineral’s association and geologic setting, and the varied mineralogy of a particular county or mineral district. Even the casual reader will gain a better appreciation of Georgia’s diverse mineral treasures.

You can order the book directly from Focal Point Mineralogy for $30.00 postage paid (USPS Media Mail) throughout the United States.  Use our Contact Form and we will respond with payment details and fulfill your order.  A portion of the sales of the book support Tellus Science Museum, which houses the largest collection of Georgia minerals and references.